Food Truck Rental Toronto – Why Food Trucks Attract So Many Customers

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It’s not unusual to see people lining up in the streets by the dozens to enjoy the offerings provided from a food truck rental in Toronto. Food trucks are effective and any type of food company can use one to their benefit. What’s the attraction? Food trucks are fun, exciting and offer unique types of food that people just can’t say no to! If you want to increase brand awareness and create meaningful consumer connections, consider a food truck rental Toronto.

Food Trucks at Events

A lot of Toronto events feature a food truck or a number of food trucks offering different specialties. People that go to these events get hungry and are instantly excited to see trucks available offering various types of delicious snacks and food. When individuals go to an event they are in an upbeat mood and happy to be in an exciting atmosphere and more often than not, a food truck sticks out as the best part of the entire event.

This memory sticks with people and makes them quite excited to see a food truck even if it’s just parked down the road from their places of employment. The happy memory is triggered and many people will head over to the truck for that reason.

Unique and Exciting

Quite often, food trucks will offer new food offerings to test out the market. When you walk up to one of these trucks you may be offered something that you’ve never tried before. This is a part of the attraction that makes people assemble around a truck in droves.

There is also excitement when a company decides to use a food truck for a special promotion and is giving away products for free. As we know, excitement levels typically reach an all-time high when free items are offered to a crowd.

If you want to run a trial test on a new product, want to introduce your food offerings to a different customer base or simply want to hire a food truck rental Toronto to increase brand awareness, you have come to the right place. We offer reasonable prices for our truck rentals and our customer service is second to none. Find out more about the trucks available and our pricing plans by visiting today. Our trucks can’t be beat and we’ll do everything possible at our end to help you get on the road.

How to Choose the Best Location for a Food Truck Rental Toronto

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Any successful food truck operator knows that the location of their vehicle is a big factor in determining their success. Food trucks are continue to grow in popularity as food enthusiasts of all kinds line up in Toronto and across Canada for a variety of different meal offerings.

If you have a strong menu but aren’t in a good location, your profits may suffer. A food truck operator who knows their business and understands that a combination of great food and a superb location is the key to running a lucrative food truck business. Here are some tips to help you find the best location to park when you have a food truck rental Toronto:

Food Truck Park

Running head-to-head against your competition can work out for both sides since a number of food trucks grouped together naturally attracts more customers than one truck alone. Many operators find that their sales go up once they park their vehicles alongside others.

Business Districts

If you can find a parking area in a business district, you’ll be able to target nearby office workers who are on lunch break. If you’re having a hard time finding a parking area in the downtown core, you can contact some of the building owners and ask if you can place your vehicle in their parking lots. With a convincing sales pitch, you’ll find at least one business that thinks it would be a great idea to provide this food option to its workers.

Parking on the Street

This can pay off as long as you are parking in a strategic location. If you know who your target customers are and know where they are located, park your truck close by. It’s just like any other type of business -you need to make sure that your truck is in front of the right people (those who are interested in buying your product) at the right time.

Special Events

People that are heading out to special events such as festivals, concerts, sporting games etc. are already in the mindset that they’ll be purchasing food. Most aren’t thinking of heading to an expensive restaurant and would rather eat something fast while they’re on-the-go. Here you’ll be able to target large crowds and introduce your menu to new customers.
These are just a few of the factors that can lead to success when you have a food truck rental in Toronto. Whether you are thinking of parking your truck in a Toronto location or will be operating in another Canadian city, consider the type of people you want to target most and where they work or visit. Getting the location right will lead to soaring profits. Learn more about food truck rentals in the Toronto area by visiting our website at

On the Go Ads- Food Truck Rental Toronto

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On the Go Ads- Food Truck Rental Toronto

Food Truck Rental Toronto

Entice your targeted market with a customized food truck that is designed to provide interactive experiences to consumers. You can rest assured that the people visiting the truck will be provided with an experience they’ll long remember. Use a truck for a product sampling or simply use it as a promotional tool to engage different audiences. You can offer anything from a full meal to a light snack based on your budget or the message you are trying to send out.

Both small and businesses have been using our food truck rental Toronto company for a variety of different reasons. If you are trying to break out in the food service industry you’ll be able to test the market across the area using our trucks. If you are operating a company that is food-service oriented, you can use our food truck rentals for branding and testing purposes.

Giving away food is a great way to engage with prospective customers. Street food is always a hot commodity and is sure to get people talking. This type of truck is an extremely versatile tool and you can maximize its use to its full potential.

Food Truck Rental Toronto for Restaurants

If you’re currently operating a restaurant you can get the word out to consumers with a food truck. Let prospective customers sample your food so that they’ll want to come to your establishment for more. These trucks are also a great way to test the market if you are thinking about introducing a new food item onto your menu. Before adding something new to the menu, give it a test run first. This way, if it isn’t a hit at the food truck, you haven’t damaged your reputation. On the other hand, if you find that the new food causes a positive reaction, you can consider adding it as a permanent selection to your meal menu.

Renting a food truck gives you the versatility you need to test out the market and to introduce yourself to a new receptive audience. The truck can be wrapped with your specified logo and design and by doing so you’ll be turning it into a mobile billboard for your company.

Marketing, advertising, branding and testing can all be accomplished through a food truck rental in Toronto. Contact us at 1-877-414-7676 today to find out more about our rentals!

Fun Ideas for a Food Truck Rental Toronto

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Food trucks have become increasingly popular in cities across Canada. While you may be used to seeing these trucks parked and offering food at farmers markets and festivals, they can be used at a lot of different events. Casual, cool food trucks are trending right now and are a total hit at weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, street parties and much more. Explore the fun ideas listed below for a food truck rental Toronto to create a memorable and budget-friendly event that will keep your guests buzzing for days.

Food Truck Weddings
Food trucks are a hit at laid-back weddings and you can use them to serve the desert or appetizer portion of the meal. Save a lot of money on your catering costs by taking the desert portion out of the equation and using an ice cream truck instead. It’s a quirky new trend that is completely different and a lot of fun.
Invite a Food Truck to Your Street Party
If you are organizing a street party, don’t forget to invite the truck serving ice cream to it as well! Everyone on the street can donate a small amount for the cost of the truck and for the goodies. Nobody will have to prepare any dishes ahead of time. Keep your street party hopping by booking a food truck ahead of time!
Corporate Events
Make your employee appreciation days just that much more exciting by renting a truck to serve up some exciting treats. It will make a lasting impression on your workers and it’s an inexpensive way to say thank you for the hard work they have been doing. Become food truck hero by giving your employees a well-deserved and fun thank-you for all of their hard work.
Children’s Birthday Parties
Children love to go up to an ice cream truck and place an order. Imagine just how delighted they’ll be to walk up to a truck at a birthday party and ask for anything they want! They’ll definitely remember all the times that their parents said no to them while they were out and about. With no cost concerns, the parents at the party won’t be able to say no to them this time!
When you’re looking for something different and fun for your next event, consider a food truck rental in Toronto. When you have a truck show up at a place where it isn’t expected, it can create an unexpected and very positive impression on the guests that you’re trying to impress and entertain. Explore this option further and find out for yourself just how reasonably priced these rentals really are by contacting us today or call 1-877-414-7676.

On the Go Ads: Try a Food Truck Rental Toronto

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Make your company stand out and market your brand with a food truck rental Toronto. Food trucks aren’t just for selling edible items to make a direct profit – they can be used as a branding tool to get the word out about a new company or as a public relations tool for established businesses.

Food Trucks Naturally Attract Crowds

There’s nothing better out there that will naturally attract a crowd than a food truck. Crowds of people will automatically approach a truck to find out what you’re offering. If you’re giving out something as a promotional item the word will spread quickly and you’ll find yourself serving a hungry group of visitors.

When you want to get noticed and let people know about what you stand for, try serving some food. It’s an attraction that will definitely get your business noticed for its unique marketing efforts.

Ice Cream Trucks

On a hot day you can use one of our ice cream truck rentals to serve the hungry by offering free ice cream. You can make further use of these cool treats by using our cones that have been branded with unique cone wraps.

Food Trucks

If you own a restaurant and want to get the word out on the street about your fantastic food offerings simply rent one of our food trucks. They are perfect for sampling campaigns to help build a larger and stronger customer base. Many restaurants rent a food truck when they know that there’s going to be a busy event near their establishment. People will remember the name of your restaurant when you offer free samples that tantalize the taste buds.

Trailer Rentals

When the cold wind starts to blow and people head inside for a lot of events you can rent a custom interactive trailer. Food equipment can be supplied in the trailer allowing a business to brand its name inside a facility the same way it would do it outside with a food truck. When you want to follow the crowds and they are heading inside, use a custom trailer to create a lasting impression.

The best way to brand your company, to get yourself known or to build up your PR efforts is by appealing to the appetite of the crowd. To find out more about our food truck rental Toronto company and how we can help you with your marketing goals please call 1-877-414-767 or fill out our online form!