The Experience is Back

Fashion rental truck parked in Oshawa Centre
  • 30 Jan 2023

The Experience is Back!

After 2 frustrating years of event restrictions and cancellations, 2023 will mark the first year that mobile activations & XM will be back in full force… Let the planning begin!!!

In fairness, the demand for custom mobile environments, Food Trucks & Ice Cream Trucks this past summer was actually very close to the “before times”, which is why OTGA pressed forward and began building and adding to our inventory in a significant way. More food trucks, more sampling trucks, custom showrooms and a proprietary new trailer with a vintage vibe!

The keys to great Mobile display rentals for any XM team are reliability, functionality and ease of deployment. Covering these bases in design & production, equates to increased ROI for your infield initiatives. And of course, every brand needs its distinct colours, logo’s and messages to be precise and to exact standards. It’s important to ensure that you’re working with a supplier that has a 360 degree understanding of experiential marketing.

If it’s an asset purchase you’re thinking of, be sure to do your due diligence on storage, insurance and certifications. OTGA can help navigate this process through our sales team. Custom Food trucks are a solid investment in today’s landscape, and extremely versatile for events, guerilla marketing and Campus activations, but proper maintenance and upkeep is essential to maximizing your investment.

The Experience is back ! The streets are busy again and XM teams ramping up for a busy season. Canadians are returning to live events and so are we. See you out there!

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