Use Out-Of-Home Advertising to Reach More People

  • 28 Aug 2020

As a world-renowned advertising salesman once put it, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something”. These are wise words provided courtesy of Arthur H. Motley, who was the publisher and president of Parade Magazine. This is an insert that currently appears in approximately 530 newspapers across the United States with an estimated 74 million people reading the insert. He took the insert from a circulation of 2 million per week up to 19 million per week and since then the circulation has grown to more than 30 million.

We are all familiar with advertising since we see it on TV, on the Internet and in many other places. A lot of the items that we purchase for our own personal use such as food, shampoo, soaps etc. were most likely first purchased due to an advertising campaign. In many cases though, the ads that sway us to make a purchase are seen out of the home.

The Evolution of Advertising

The world is continually evolving and as a result we continue to see the evolution of marketing and advertising. Some of the standard forms of placing ads have gone by the wayside recently while others continue to be a driving force for sales. Newer methods of advertising, such as Internet ads, have now become the norm.

At the same time, out of home advertising are tried and true methods for marketing products and many companies are using creative means to capture the imagination of the public with them. Some of these methods include:

Arthur Motley was certainly correct with his comment that he made many years ago and the same holds true today. The world revolves around selling products and if nothing was sold, the world wouldn’t survive. Advertising gets the word out to large masses of people and it works. You’ll notice that many stores sell out of branded products before unbranded products. This is proof that people are still looking at advertising and it’s still producing very positive effects.

Advertising creates jobs and keeps the economy moving. If you have a product that you want to market with out-of-home advertising, get in touch with us today. Reach us through our website at to learn more about our food and interactive trucks or call us now at 1-877-414-7676 for more information.

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