When it comes to the type of food truck you can purchase, the options are vast. Not all food trucks are created equal. Believe it or not, food trucks range in price from $60,000 – $150,000. In addition, you can buy them new or used. While new trucks can be customized to meet your particular needs, they’re more expensive than used trucks. Used trucks are cheaper than new ones but come with a higher risk for expensive maintenance. On The Go Ads carries and sources the very best used trucks in the country. This results in less down time for your business.

When you figure out what type of food truck you want to buy, you may need to consider how to finance your food truck purchase. In this situation, many business owners pursue food truck business loans in order to purchase their vehicle. On The Go Ads can provide you with a qualified, 3rd party finance resource. By having access to a food truck loan, you’ll have funds to purchase your truck without taking away cash flow from other areas of your business.

Quality is everything when choosing a food truck. Cheap materials and sloppy finishing work will only result in more downtime for repairs, re-furbs and replacement parts. Do it right the first time, and it will pay dividends on your investment

Finally, make sure you’re comfortable with the communication flow with your provider. OTGA works with you every step of the way, from design to production to completion. Our reputation for clear, honest communication has been built for over 10 years.

Do your homework, trust your supplier and demand quality – You’ll be on your way to a successful Food business!

Use Out-Of-Home Advertising to Reach More People

As a world-renowned advertising salesman once put it, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something”. These are wise words provided courtesy of Arthur H. Motley, who was the publisher and president of Parade Magazine. This is an insert that currently appears in approximately 530 newspapers across the United States with an estimated 74 million people reading the insert. He took the insert from a circulation of 2 million per week up to 19 million per week and since then the circulation has grown to more than 30 million.

We are all familiar with advertising since we see it on TV, on the Internet and in many other places. A lot of the items that we purchase for our own personal use such as food, shampoo, soaps etc. were most likely first purchased due to an advertising campaign. In many cases though, the ads that sway us to make a purchase are seen out of the home.

The Evolution of Advertising

The world is continually evolving and as a result we continue to see the evolution of marketing and advertising. Some of the standard forms of placing ads have gone by the wayside recently while others continue to be a driving force for sales. Newer methods of advertising, such as Internet ads, have now become the norm.

At the same time, out of home advertising are tried and true methods for marketing products and many companies are using creative means to capture the imagination of the public with them. Some of these methods include:

Arthur Motley was certainly correct with his comment that he made many years ago and the same holds true today. The world revolves around selling products and if nothing was sold, the world wouldn’t survive. Advertising gets the word out to large masses of people and it works. You’ll notice that many stores sell out of branded products before unbranded products. This is proof that people are still looking at advertising and it’s still producing very positive effects.

Advertising creates jobs and keeps the economy moving. If you have a product that you want to market with out-of-home advertising, get in touch with us today. Reach us through our website at to learn more about our food and interactive trucks or call us now at 1-877-414-7676 for more information.

What Can Guerrilla Marketing Do for Your Business?

Guerrilla Marketing

What Can Guerrilla Marketing Do for Your Business?
Guerilla marketing is a concept that can be quite difficult to define. On the one hand it’s about selling but on the other hand it runs at a much deeper level. It deals with effectively marketing more than simply selling and it has the ability to change an overall campaign strategy for the better.

Huge Potential for ROI

Guerrilla marketing is very budget-friendly while also offering small businesses the opportunity to see larger ROIs at the same time. When done properly, this type of marketing provides huge rewards for less money than standard advertising.

Stronger Brand Awareness

Guerrilla marketing ideas give smaller businesses the chance to go head-to-head against their competitors since the advertising can cost quite a bit less. This marketing type uses the element of surprise using unconventional methods to create an effect on the audience. Smaller businesses can advertise their services and products for less with the potential to see phenomenal results.

Brand awareness is increased through face-to-face marketing strategies designed to build up trust and confidence between your brand and the audience you are targeting. The idea is to leave customers with a positive impression of the brand through engaging and surprising advertising techniques. Places where you may see guerrilla marketing in place including shopping centres, train stations, special events, etc.

Guerrilla marketing can be said to be tomorrow’s successful marketing strategies. This is the future that we’re looking at right now and modern marketers need to learn how to make the most of it. It is unique and resonates to the very core of consumers, which is what is most needed now in today’s advertising landscape.

Learn more about guerrilla marketing campaigns and how you can use our food and interactive trucks to your advantage at

Interactive and Food Trailers – OTGA now offers a variety of trailers for rent and for sale

Trailers are great for outdoor as well as indoor events. Food trailers and interactive trailers are our most popular rentals / purchases although the customizations are endless when it comes to the lay out and interior design of our trailers. Trailers are available for sale in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary as well as all other major Canadian cities.